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Dirty memory #1  

Ron10567 41M
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5/11/2021 11:27 am
Dirty memory #1

I used to live in the Southern US. One very hot summer, I started chatting with a guy on craigslist. I was desperate for cock. This guy was about years younger than me. I am very short and he was 6', and very fat. For some reason I am turned on by older guys and also fat guys. I went and picked him up at a local truck stop, nervous as hell, and brought him home to my garage. I didn't want him in my house proper.

So sweating in my garage, I had him sit in a leather ottoman I had. I blew him a bit until he was hard. His cock was supremely thick, but not very long (maybe 4 inches long but super fat). Then I got totally naked, dripping wet with sweat it was so hot, and I rode his cock. It was super painful at first, as wide as he was. A couple times I got off and sucked his cock and balls, complete with my own filth. His cock was the thickest I had ever seen, and he smelled disgusting, and I loved it.

Eventually he came inside me and i squatted and pushed it out. I told him to eat it and he did. Then i made him kneel before me and I face fucked him and came down his throat. He loved it and I loved it, and then i dropped him off. When I got home I went back into my hot garage with a cold pack of beer and drank and masturbated for hours, smelling him on me, tasting the cum still leaking out of my ass, and generally feeling very pleased with myself...

I fantasize about that stinky fat sweaty fucker every now and then. No offense if you are a stinky fat fucker, I'd probably fuck you too if I had the chance. I especially fantasize about him whenever I try and put something into my ass that is extremely wide and thick. I'd love to get fucked like that again, except this time I'd lie down on my back and have him fuck me missionary, dripping his stink all over me; or me on my belly, ass up, with him on top plowing me... Man I am horny, with a drippy cock tip now.

If this was interesting to you, let me know how. I'm a standard member and can't read most email so maybe post here...

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5/11/2021 12:28 pm

that's one tiny gal

Ron10567 41M
13 posts
5/11/2021 1:50 pm

Indeed it is HAMONMAN... In my own mind, sometimes when I am fucked I like to be treated like a girl. I love to acquire a skirt, some hose, and a blouse, dim the lights, and be fucked like a woman. The woman in the image maybe felt a little like I did when I was fitting all that fat cock girth into me, with it stretching my hole out wide.

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