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Katherine's Descent
My final steps leading up to the point of no return.
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01 Jan 2015 (4)
Posted:Apr 3, 2021 2:21 pm
Last Updated:Apr 12, 2021 2:54 pm

The rest of the night I was expecting be snatched up like those other harem girls were handled earlier in the evening. Several times I purposefully worked an area of the club close the exits, but each time I thought I could escape without being noticed security or one of the muscle guards would turn me away. One of the clubs regular security guys obviously had his eyes on me all night, so I hoped use that my advantage and when I saw that he was alone at the rear entrance I made my move.

Kate did her best girly bimbo impression and shamelessly flited with him for a couple minute before, "It's so smokey in here tonight, you would like join me in the alley for some fresh air?" He looked down the narrow hallway back toward the main room before nodding and stepping away from the door. I touched his arm lightly to make seem be what he thought would be coming next, "Just give me a minute or two get ready. I hope you have a big cock." seal the deal I reached down and handled his growing bulge, "Oh, good! I want you fill me with your cream load while I deep throat your throbbing cock." I gave a seductive wink before pushing past him and out the back door.

I walked out slowly, but as soon as the door snapped shut I was running for my life, needing cover a couple blocks reach the safety of my car and then I would disappear for a couple days and try figure out my next move. I ran as quickly as possible, thankful I wasn't in high heels as my normal foot wear attire for these events. Once I reached the end of the alley I thought I had gotten away unnoticed when I scurried out of the darkness and directly into a line of limos on the street where the prince and his entourage were in the process of leaving the party. I froze in place, not knowing what to do when Robert walked out and began talking to his royal guest as two of the harem girls willingly entered the second limo with three middle eastern men. It wasn't long before Robert glanced in my direction and began to intently stare directly at me. The syndicate's property had nowhere to hide so I tried to slowly back up toward the security of the alley and decide what Kate's next move would be.

Finally reaching the safety of the dark alley as the prince entered his limo, which gave Robert a chance to signal me to get back inside the club, before waving one last time at the prince. As the limos pulled off I could see an LAPD car stopped at the street light beyond Robert. It would be risky, but I had to take the chance to run for the policemen's protection, but just as I made my final decision the squad cars roof lights sprung to life followed by the tires squealing as they drove off in the opposite direction to help some other victim of a crime. I thought I could still run off down the street away from Robert and his crew hoping for the best when I felt a steel barrel pressed into my lower back. It was one of the syndicate's largest muscle guards, "Where the do you think you're going?" Robert was still staring at me and motioned for me go with his guard, and with a weapon cocked and loaded behind me I dejectedly turned and walked back down the alley return the club.

Outside the back door the club's security guard was sprawled on the pavement bloodied and severely beaten. The guard behind me chuckled, "Damn amateur security. Thinking about a blow job and not the job he was hired perform. He didn't know you were a sneaky little sissy bitch." As I reentered the club was a long line of patrons exiting out of the front entrance. I discovered just by the chatter I overheard from several couples that once the prince exited the party was on the move another location.

Walking in from the opposite direction was Robert and a muscle guard, and on a direct line toward me. I was surprised to see he was acting like nothing had happened, "Well, it's almost three in the morning, and I always live up to my agreements. Why don't you get changed and get out of here. James will make sure you get back to the hotel safely. If I don't see you again I hope your time with us will always remain a pleasant memory." The boss then turned and walked off like I was some insignificant ex-employee. Not a single mention of my current status after tonight's silent auction.

Not wasting a moment I rushed back to the dressing room and quickly changed into my street clothes, rejoining my body guard as he walked us toward the front entrance. I did briefly catch Mary's eye before leaving as she gave me a that clearly meant 'what's happening?'. I just smiled and gave a subdued wave before we exited the club.

That walk back the Hotel Cecil was nerve racking as every step I expected a van pull up filled with men in hoods that would abduct me, but when I finally reached the hotel lobby I felt relieved and a bit safer, and when the sexy night manager waved me over the guard held his ground near the front entrance while I moved see what she needed, "Hello. When you checked in yesterday afternoon the manager forgot have you sign this." She pushed the paperwork across the desk and purposefully leaned over so that I could easily down her open blouse see her pink areolas. Distracted by her luscious breasts she handed me a pen, "'s for your late checkout later today that was prearranged. 's so you don't get charged for an extra day." I looked back up into her deep brown eyes and explained, " wasn't on my credit card, and I plan be gone long before my checkout time." She gave me the sweetest , "That pig of a man that is the day manager is always screwing up and I am just trying cover his ass." seemed like a reasonable hotel policy and I shrugged off and signed next the X.

The sexy red head slid another envelope across the marble desk while snatching the paperwork from my view before I could read what I had just signed, "'s a gift for being a guest in our Presidential suite. Inside is a complimentary two-night stay in any room. The management is extending this offer you the next time you are visiting Los Angeles, just not the Presidential suite." I knew I would never use it, but also thought it might be useful if I ever acted upon my fantasy.

Once inside my suite I grabbed all of my belongings and stuffed them in my bag. Passing by the rear window I looked out see if my car was still waiting for me. It was, and I was happy see two other cars in the rooftop parking lot, and the parking attendant was already gone for the evening. I quickly checked to be sure I wasn't leaving anything behind and as I was reaching for my bag I heard a key in the lock of the door and I froze in terror.
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01 Jan 2015 (NYE - 3)
Posted:Mar 27, 2021 9:39 pm
Last Updated:Mar 28, 2021 11:45 am

As I passed the door of the Managers office I heard Mr. Fred call out from inside, "Kate! Where the fuck have you been?! Get inside here now because you don't want to piss me off one last time!" It sounded ominous, but also liberating as it sounded like he had already come to the realization that my time with the syndicate would soon be coming to an end. When I walked inside and saw him he only motioned for me to sit down in the chair in front of the large wooden desk.

As he began talking I was shocked feeling the vibrator start to hum softly, but how could Mr. Fred being doing that since I could clearly see that both of his hands were empty, and no remote control in site. I refocused on what he was saying, but only caught something about the police and London, " since everybody is pleased with your performance tonight you'll get to leave early at three a.m., and not be a part of the clean crew. You'll still be the clock until your 24 hours are over. So, just hang out in your hotel room if you're needed for anything else." It felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off of my shoulders, "Once things cool down and were back full time in Los Angeles just know you are always welcome as a guest at our gatherings. I rose out of the chair as he concluded, "Good bye Katherine or is it Dave?" I just smiled and shook his hand and walked towards the door now totally confused by his final statements. As I turned to ask a question the vibrator began throbbing stronger as Mr. Fred just stood there and watched. I barely was able to get out of the office and now needed to know who was causing my sissy pussy to pucker with lust.

For the next hour I tried to be the best waitress possible as the tips that were being stuffed inside my costume was making this a very profitable night. When I finally took a short break and returned to the bar I was hoping to get a word privately with Mary when I heard a familiar voice behind me, "Katherine! Katherine is that really you?" I spun around and saw Mark swaying drunkenly with a bottle of champagne in his right hand, "Damn Kate! That is you. I didn't recognize you behind the veil until after the auction. Damn, if I would have known I would have jumped in the bidding."

Mark staggered close and pulled me even closer by wrapping one arm around my waist as his other other grabbed the back of my head giving me a deep French kiss. I had never felt a more passionate kiss, which made it harder to resist. Before he stopped, his hands moved down to my ass when I wrapped my arms around his neck. When the kiss finally broke off he looked deep in my eyes, "It's good for both of us that the syndicate bought out your contract. That means I've still got a chance to make you mine."

I was frozen by his words, "At least it was only a short-term extension and not a lifetime commitment like two of the other harem girls purchased tonight." I was in shock, but I couldn't but feel sorry for the two unsuspecting slaves, and as one of the harem girls passed with a tray of drinks I wondered if she was one of the lifers, and if they knew they were now some Alpha Male's property. I had been around this action for over two years and I barely figured it out, with most of it coming only after the fact.

Mark then forced himself on me again to drive his tongue deep in my wet mouth while he moved one hand to my clit and grabbed it firmly. Nibbling over to my ear he whispered, "Once I put a ring on your finger and make you a respectable woman, we will need to keep this locked in chastity...most of the time." I heard myself gasp and Mark felt me tremble, "Good. That was the response I was hoping for." He gave me a peck on the cheek and finally staggered off into the crowd.

When I turned around Mary waring staring at me with her mouth wide open, "Is that the same guy from Halloween? Wow, he has got the hots for you." I leaned against the bar and told her he wants me to be his chastity bride, "No way!" Taking the opportunity I asked, "Was there an auction tonight?" She hesitated for a moment before answering, "Yes, there was a slave auction tonight, and I hate to say it but I think you were a part of it!" Mary tried to calm me down, "It was a silent auction. Something the boys are trying out to protect themselves. I only just found out about it when I overheard those two guys talking at the other end of the bar."

When I snuck a peek at the pair they raised their glasses in recognition of me as the older man tugged at his necklace. It reminded me of the I was still wearing, which I immediately attempted to remove, but as I tugged at the clasp I felt a small part of the latch break off and fall to the floor. I was horrified as I started tugging wildly at the thick gold chain, then somebody stepped behind me to , "I can you with that, just hold still." It was my savior Mr. Paul as I stood there obediently as he attempted to remove the necklace, "Oh my sweetie, how did you manage to do this. Your necklace has an extra security attachment . . . a break-off screw, but I can , just hold still." After a couple tugs and twists of the necklace I felt him softly blowing on the back of my neck, "There, almost done . . . everything will be perfect in just a couple seconds."

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mr. Paul place a tube of super glue on top of the bar, and after a couple more soft blows he leaned into my ear, "Now the only person that will ever take that off is your Master when you finally become Kate 24/7." I felt a wave of defeat and submission sweep over me as I was thinking if Mr. Paul would do something so devious to me what could I expect from the others that were involved in my down fall. When I turned back to him he added with a smile, "It was a joke. Doctor Lee put me up to it. Always the practical joker."

I was a bit relieved as Mr. Paul introduced me to the doctor from Thailand standing next him laughing out loud, "My apologies Miss K, and I must add you are so much more beautiful than any cross dresser I've helped through their transition." He then told us all about his practice in a Bangkok clinic where he performs SRS surgeries before Mr. Paul broke in, "Doctor Lee has agreed to be the newest member of our team of specialists. He's another safe and legitimate outlet for our expanding services." The doctor smiled and bowed slightly before moving off through the thinning crowd. After a couple steps he turned back to look me up and down one more time and then turned to Mr. Paul, "She has show girl potential if you ever get her to the clinic."

Mr. Paul was placing the super glue in his coat pocket as I tried to interject, but he cut me off, "Last night huh? I'll hate to see you go, but you've got my . Call it anytime, and I hope you won't mind if I check in with you from time to time." I was about to question him about the night's auction when the butt plug began throbbing at it's highest speed. I could barely keep my wits as he took a step closer and reached into his pants pocket as I was expecting to see him with the remote control, "Tips are typically bigger on new years. How did you make out tonight?" I told him after my last count I had made $740, "Okay, so the deal was $750 for your harem girl/waitress duties, and I feel you deserve your typical under the table $1000 bonus. Just because everybody loved what they saw at Halloween. Beyond the bosses expectations."

He leaned over and gave me a long deep soul kiss, which was even more passionate than Mark's. As our lips parted he remained uncomfortably close, "I'll give you a call when we get back in Los Angeles, maybe we can meet some place quiet for dinner and drinks to catch up on Kate and Dave." He placed a wad of bills down the front of my sheer top and wedged it in my cleavage, and as he passed off behind me he slapped my left butt cheek loud enough that it caused others at the bar to turn to look.
01 Jan 2015 (NYE - 2)
Posted:Mar 15, 2021 1:21 pm
Last Updated:Mar 27, 2021 1:07 am

"...THREE....TWO....ONE....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!" As our kiss lingered I couldn't enjoy the moment, as I was hell-bent on getting out from under the predicament that had only started out as a one-time encounter with an under world most people don't realize really does occur all around them every day. Mary immediately sensed something was wrong and backed off. Before she could say anything I put my index finger to her moist red lips, "Don't ask. It's my problem. It's nothing about you. You are the best thing that has happened throughout this whole period of my life." Even with the celebration going on all around us it felt like it was just the two of us in this together, "Is there any way that I can ?" I leaned in and kissed her tenderly and I felt my heart melt.

Mary looked around at the crowd and then forcefully pulled me off toward the rear of the building. We mostly went unnoticed as we made our way through the crowd as the revelers were still singing. When we reached the back door unguarded she excitedly turned to tell Kate, "We only have a few minutes, but I can't wait any longer." We stumbled out into the alley behind the club and began kissing passionately once again. As I moved her to a dark corner in the alley Mary's hands were already down inside my harem girl pants and tugging at my growing erection. She looked at me with a wicked grin, "I thought our first public sex would be in a bit of a classier location, but I can't think of a better way to bring in the new year."

I was immediately erect in anticipation of what was to come and Mary then pulled my costume down to mid thigh. She then dropped to her knees and began mouthing my hard throbbing cock like a five dollar . I thought this was all she wanted until Mary stood back up and placed her right foot on a small wooden box against the wall before lifting her robe to show me that her panties were already missing, "No time for licking. I've been wet for you all night. Now fuck me like the way you want to be fucked."

I wrapped my arm around her waist and stepped forward while with my other hand I guided my pink mushroom head between her wet labia lips. Even before I entered I could hear her gasping and moaning in my ear, and all the while begging me to take her slutty hole. With the head wedged inside her tight pussy I moved my arm under her upraised thigh for better leverage and slid deep inside with one powerful thrust.

I took one last peek around at our surroundings to be sure we were alone before our lips met once again and I was met with her tongue diving deep into my open mouth. I pressed inside with my thick cock until our pubes were smashed together and her wetness was already flowing down to my balls. As she wrapped her legs over my hips she breathlessly stated, "I'm not sure which of us is the bigger slut." As she hung on while her first orgasm rippled thorough her body I began my lust fuck not concerned if we were being watched.

Our desperation fuck in the alley felt forbidden and right. As I was slamming balls-deep with every thrust Mary clenched her body to mine and I could feel her release her wanton desires as another powerful orgasm rippled through her body. Feeling her pussy tighten around my cock made this kinky situation dominate my total submission of lust. The smacking sounds of our bodies echoed in the alley as I was dominating her as hard as I possibly could without cumming too soon. That changed when she leaned back and began playing with one of my nipples while still keeping my hard on deep inside her pussy. The control I felt as a guy slipped into feminine submission as she watched like an owner exposing a wicked secret. She began twisting and tugging at each nipple as I could feel my orgasm begin to build, "You were always meant to be a slave and ." I couldn't take it any longer and with one last deep thrust to plant my seed deep inside my cock erupted, causing the rubbing against her clit to bring on yet another orgasm.

Our grunting and moans were animalistic as I could feel the sticky cum begin to flow down over my thighs. She then held on tight and began milking my erection for my entire load, "Breed me Katie!!" I made a couple slight moves, but mostly just held motionless as she was grinding against my torso and feeling me fill her with sperm. One last small feminine orgasm Mary, as my cock began to shrink, filled my ears with passionate moans and rumbled through her quivering body, "Now, get down there like a submissive cum and clean up your seed." Realizing just how much cum I had shot into her, and a mess that would be hard to explain to the bosses, how could I refuse such a wicked invitation so I dropped down in a submissive pose and began eating her out.

Just as I finished cleaning her sloppy pussy and she dropped her robe, three of the guards walked out the rear entrance into the alley for a smoke. We both froze as the humiliation of the scene swept over both of us. Fortunately, we were just out of view enough to wait them out before they returned inside, "That was close." Mary handed me a towel from the top of the box, "You better clean that mess up before going back inside. And yes, I had planned this before the night began. Your oral cleanup was just something I thought of at the spur of the moment." As she brushed past me and went back inside I was left standing there with my harem girl pants still down around my ankles as I cleaned up the best I could before returning inside the club.

Just as I was making myself presentable, and not giving off that 'just fucked' look, the butt plug in my ass came to life at full power, sending me nearly to my knees as I grabbed onto the green dumpster next to me to steady myself. It then went through a repeating sequence of off and on which made my clit stir. I was so confused the battling desires within me that I found myself panting and moaning like an real life alley . And in a sense at that moment, that is who I truly was, as a feminine orgasm rippled from my belly and burst out the top of my head.

When I entered the club one of the muscle guards gave me a strange look as I was adjusting my veil and returning to work, "Where the hell did you come from?" I tried to brush him off explaining I just needed to get some fresh air, "Well, get back inside because Mr. Fred has been looking for you." I thanked him and walked back into the main room, now convinced that Mr. Fred had been controlling the buzzing in my ass the entire night, which was now just at a low speed to keep me on the verge of another orgasm.
1 Jan 2015 (NYE)
Posted:Mar 9, 2021 1:09 pm
Last Updated:Apr 12, 2021 3:00 pm

During the final hour of the year Robert caught my eye while I was waiting on a drink order for one of the private rooms lining the outside of the club. As he was looking at one of his harem girls I suddenly felt a slow buzzing start in my sissy cunt. Not sure what to make of it at first the buzzing continued to grow stronger as I realized the butt plug in my ass was vibrating, and that somebody in the room was controlling it. My knees began to shake as I attempted to act as if nothing was happening. I couldn't take my eyes off of Robert as the buzzing continued to grow stronger, and with it a sense of an impending female orgasm started to build within me as it brought out the lusty desperate slut that I was hoping to keep completely underwraps the entire night.

One of the other blonde harem girls stepped up next to my side and said, "I was told to take over this order for you. I guess it is finally your turn to serve the prince and his guests." She then used a slight nudge on my hip moving Katherine forward as I hesitantly made my way through the crowd toward 'the boss', The buzzing in my ass was so intense that I needed to pause twice before reaching Robert, all the while hoping that the loud music and talking would cover my predicament, "He hasn't been satisfied with any of our other harem girls that has served him tonight. He mentioned that it's always like this with most American girls, and you're our last option." He came up close to me and got very serious, "Now, don't fuck this up! He's a new, and very rich, and possible partner in our little , so don't disappoint . . . or him."

After pulling back the red velvet curtains enough to step inside I was completely taken with the view before . Was this truly a prince and his entourage, all looking quite comfortable in their natural surroundings while seated on fluffy cushions? The prince was a middle aged man with strong masculine features highlighted with a thick dark beard. He motioned to come closer as I was there expecting to take their drink orders, "Please, come inside. And you must be Kate." Two of his associates were looking at a folder containing a stack of papers and photographic enlargements, "In my country a sissy slave like you must always be kept lock and key, but here in the United States you are allowed to do whatever you want. So much freedom, that it typically overwhelms most submissive girls. Don't you agree?" I wasn't sure how to respond as he was then handed several black and white photographs and the file folder. He looked at everything for about a minute in complete silence, which made the submissive before him feel quite uncomfortable before he finally looked up to size up the harem slut standing before him, "Oh, you're THAT Katherine. Well, if you are a waitress tonight I want you to be our private server for the rest of the evening, but if you ever become available at another auction I'll have Robbie contact my people. Tonight we are here for two of the other slaves already set to sign contracts." I believe he could sense my nervousness, not knowing that the butt plug was still humming at a very low speed in my lubed hole. I was given a list of drinks and as I exited I felt Kate had escaped just before the curtains may have been closed permanently on Dave.

When I returned to the bar Mary must have noticed the panicked expression even behind my veil as I placed the prince and his entire parties drink orders. As she was mixing the drinks she had to ask, "What happened?" I gathered my senses now that the plug had finally stopped buzzing and asked the question on my mind, "Is there an auction happening tonight?" Mary just laughed, "No, it's just a New Year's party. I've seen enough of these to know the difference. I think it's just a crowd enjoying themselves and really getting into the Arabian nights B. S." After I told her everything that the prince had said she didn't appear to be that concerned, "Sounds like he's here for a deal that's already been signed and completed. Maybe he was just looking for an excuse to make a side trip to Los Angeles. They do love to spend their oil-royalties on the most extravagant luxuries that lead to vast pleasure for all those involved."

As midnight approached it seemed odd when one of the big screen televisions changed from the close-up coverage of the red headed stripper on stage to a graphic of a running digital clock on top and 6 empty green boxes lined up beneath the readout. When the clock reached :50:00 the boxes lit up with some kind of writing in each, that I couldn't see clearly from the other side of the strip club. I really didn't give it a second thought, thinking it was something to do with the ending of the year, until I noticed several of the guests were clustered into small groups and checking their cell phones.

When I was eventually sent to another of the private rooms near the back of the club I could finally see that the boxes on the screen contained more Arabic symbols. Several of the green boxes already had several red check marks next to each. As I was about to pull back the curtain on the room I had been directed to, I took one last peek at the screen and recognized one of the symbols was exactly like the harem 's necklace that I had closely looked at earlier. Actually, once I looked back at the screen I also noticed that one of the boxes had a symbol exactly like the necklace around MY neck. As I tried to comprehend it's meaning the butt plug in my sissy cunt began buzzing again, which meant I needed to get back to work as a way of getting it to stop.

Upon entering the private viewing room I found three aristocratic looking couples lounging on the long velvet couch waiting for their waitress. When I pulled the curtain closed their reaction was surprising as they were treating Kate like they already knew her, "Oh, we haven't seen you in the flesh all night, but we were told you would be here." I quickly felt uncomfortable in front of these people and dropped my eyes to the floor as any submissive lingerie slave would react. Another of the men asked, "Just to be sure we have the right person behind that veil, what is your name?" Control felt like it was slipping away from me as I calmly answered, " Kate, also know as Katherine." Before another word could be exchanged Robert entered the room and pulled the curtain closed behind him, "Is everybody having a good time?" Just hearing his heavy Australian accent made my panties bulge with a growing erection, "I see you've already met our forbidden wicked video slave. Don't you just want to dominate, collar and leash her as your feminine dildo fuck slut?" The humiliation was immediate, which I realized was his intention as he continued on, "You've seen how kinky and slutty she can be while dressed in lingerie. Feminization by her new owner would financially aid in our porno plans with her whenever she is around thick cock and even more so when servicing throbbing cock ready to dominate her with every sticky wicked orgasm she is forced to swallow."

All I kept repeating to myself was, 'just finish the night' when the butt plug in my sissy hole came to life once again. As I quickly squirmed on the need to be filled by a Master's real cock everybody was watching my reactions as my body twitched with lust, "Katie, these are the video editors from New York that we've hired for the new expansion of the syndicates legitimate business dealings. These guys are masters at making the best raw footage into the best pornography on the open market and will now be doing that for all of our erotic features. That is if we can ever get all of the wording in the contract agreed upon." My head was spinning with a flood of new information as Robert directed his comments to his guests, "My lawyer and notary are both here tonight to finalize any contracts we can get signed." Theblonde on the end of the couch raised his glass of champagne, "That's why we are all here tonight. To celebrate a great new beginning for all, and being here to personally watch the fireworks leading up to midnight."

I was in a near panic when I finally got of that private room with an order for more champagne for the entire . Nothing seemed right as I staggered through the red curtains, and the same time nothing seemed real to me in this world I was attempting to escape. I was trying to put everything together in my mind as I made my way back to the bar, and when I glanced at the video screen with the digital clock at :56:30 and everybody was already cheering and shouting, ready to bring in the new year I had no idea what to expect from that moment forward.

As I passed the stage I focused on one of the other harem girls necklace passing by and then turned back to the screen to compare the two in my own mind. I looked back and forth several times to be sure they were the same before turning my attention to my own necklace. That is when the true shock set in because the fifth green box had a symbol exactly like my necklace, and it too had several red check marks next to the box on the screen. Then switching my attention to the groups still more focused on their phones than on the festivities going on around them, I came to the realization that this was more than just a party. I too had been mistaken like Mary, but in this unsuspecting crowd there was an actual slave auction taking place, and my thoughts of being completely safe were crushed.

I barely got back to the bar and settled into one of the bar stools as everybody began counting down the final seconds. When they reached 'thirty', the clock on the big screen started flashing with red numbers and more check marks appeared next to several of the boxes. As the countdown reached ten seconds three words came up on the screen, and it wasn't 'happy new year' it said 'final bids closing'. As the revelers counted down to midnight, Mary came out from behind the bar and kissed me hard on the lips, but at that moment my thoughts were to run away.
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31 Dec 2014 (NYE)
Posted:Mar 8, 2021 1:02 pm
Last Updated:Mar 8, 2021 9:41 pm

Everybody was in their places as 6pm arrived, along with the first guests of the evening, as I immediately allowed myself be totally immersed into my Katherine role in front of a large crowd for the very last time. I took on the role of a compliant submissive slave serving the wishes of her Master before her ultimate release. As the club quickly filled to capacity Mary and the bar tenders were being slammed, which caused an early emotional scene from one of the other harem girls. Both Mr. Paul and Mr. Fred swiftly grabbed an arm and led her out the rear of the club. When I was finally able to take a break for a moment and talk with Mary I asked her, "What happened with her? Did somebody make an inappropriate move on her? It's that type of crowd tonight." Mary always had the inside information because she was the nosey-type, "She's the second harem girl that's not here anymore, and everybody is taking the heat for it."

While mixing several drinks behind the bar Mary also added, "Something is going on tonight. This is not like any other recent gathering I've worked. Plus, I heard from Tommy, one of the regular body guards, that some VIP will be here soon." This was not something that I wanted to hear since I was hoping to ease through my last night without any further complications. Mr. Paul returned from backstage and walked directly toward me, "Glad I caught you on a break, but don't let Fred see you doing nothing." This snapped me back to the reality I was still facing, "How would you like to make some extra cash tonight?" I wanted to say 'yes', but knew better than to respond too quickly, "What would it involve?" Mr. Paul waved to Mary for a drink before beginning his proposal and to give us a bit of privacy in the packed club, "You have choices . . . your waitress position with us, or the new showgirl up on the cat wal" I didn't hesitate, "No more food service? I'm happy be your waitress once again." I looked up at the busty brunette that was pole dancing for the crowd, "Plus, Katherine is no stripper . . . at least not for public consumption."

Mr. Paul suddenly smiled before I interjected, "Your full-time waitress for the evening, with a significant raise." I knew I was pushing things, but I felt for once that I had a slight advantage, "Deal, I can offer you a 50% raise, unfortunately your regular uniform is not here, so just keep wearing your harem girl outfit." He then leaned in close and whispered in my right ear, "I was hopeful that Kate would choose her other option. I just hope you made the right choice." He kissed me lightly on the cheek before finishing with, "All of your loyal fans are going miss seeing even more of you. And so will I."

Suddenly there was a commotion at the front entrance and Mr. Paul rushed over the line up on the right side of the door along with 'the boss' and Mr. Fred. Then the door swung open and a loud group of nearly a dozen Arabic men, all dressed in ceremonial robes, entered and were greeted as if they were royalty. Thankfully with so much attention being focused on these men then I felt my evening would be worry free, but I was sadly mistaken.

Leading up midnight, and after a couple hours of pawing hands and inappropriate suggestions, I returned the bar and watched one of the strippers work the crowd seated along the long runway. Men were stuffing cash into her garter belt as this sexy slut was now down to her stockings, panties and the lacy garter belt as she performed for the horniest guys

Over my shoulder I heard Mr. Fred's voice, "That should have been you up there." I turned around to face him as he continued, "One memorable night of erotic humiliation would have guaranteed the outcome you truly desire." Normally I would have thought of this as a put down, but for once I saw the look of a caring dominant owner in front of me, "I know I have been a little rough on you, but because of it the sissy girl inside you has been exposed for the whole world to see, and that is all I ever wanted for you. I'm not saying I had ulterior motives that would have helped with our bottom line, but Paul recognized it in you that very first time, and he's never been wrong about guys like you that deserve to be feminized. We will hate to see you go if you decide to walk away, but you're always welcomed back if you ever change your mind." I was hanging on his every word as he reached out and took my new necklace in his hand, "I see you got Robbie's special gift. Well. I've got one for you too, so come with me."

I was led to the Manager's office expecting some kind of exit interview, but when the door was locked behind me, and the office was empty, I didn't know what to expect. Without saying a word, Mr. Fred walked to the desk and opened a small black box to retrieve a large flesh colored penis shaped butt plug and a large tube of lube. He didn't even need to tell me what he wanted me to do next as I pulled down my puffy harem pants and flesh colored panties before bending over to grab the edge of the des I waited there in my submissive pose for what felt like an hour before I felt the greasy tip begin press inside and push open.

He was going almost way slow, as the anticipation of feeling my hole spread wide eventually wrap tightly around the thin handle had moaning like a true slut. He paused when I thought I was at my widest before he twisted it twice and then pressed into until it was at its widest point before stepping back and telling , "Suck that big cock into your pussy like a true submissive ." I started to reach back when he slapped my ass and screamed, "No hands faggot!" The spank had tightened my grip around the toy in my cunt, which then easily plugged itself inside me as my flesh locked tight around my intruder.

I felt Mr. Fred pull my panties up over my ass so the plug wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, "Don't remove that symbol until you get in your car in the morning...after your full shift is complete." I was about to stand p[ when he moved up behind me and began paddling my ass until I knew it was turning a bright red, "That is for being a disobedient sissy girl. I don't want to deal with you as a guy anymore." As he continued his assault he finished his comment, "We could have made you a star as our featured MILF. All of our older love you since you are our only mature woman."
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Upon entering the backstage dressing room it looked like I was seeing things. There before Kate was five nearly identical women dressing in the same costume as Barbara Eden on the TV show 'I Dream of Jeannie'. It reminded me that when I watched that show as a I always wanted be the sexy jeannie. All of the other girls were already putting on their final makeup touches and adjusting their costumes to fit perfectly.

Hanging on a coat rack was a garment bag with a pink name tag of 'KATE' hanging from the zipper. I was expecting to find my French Maid uniform to discover I too would be dressed as a harem for the night. I had to conceal my excitement of fulfilling a childhood fantasy as I slipped comfortably into the puffy pants and halter top. Thankfully I had been working with my tummy being exposed all night in tonight's uniform, and with the added veil to disguise my facial features Kate could feel completely comfortable as the woman she was becoming no matter who was in the crowd tonight.

When I finally looked at myself in the mirror it felt like Katherine was finally nearing the end, or was it a climax? A nd although it had been a wild ride, it was time to return to my quiet life and put the past couple years all behind Dave. I stood there looking at the reflection of Kate and couldn't believe that my self esteem had gotten so low that I felt Kathrine had no other destiny but to be where I was at that exact moment. As I spritzed some perfume on the nape of my neck there was a knock on the door followed by Mr. Fred and one of his muscle guards entering and carrying a black box, "All of you have reached a very important stage in your association with our syndicate, and as you may have already heard we are transitioning into more legitimate enterprises, and with this development we are moving our base of operations back to London. So for each of you this may be either a new fresh start or an unwanted ending." Mr. Fred turned and grabbed the box from his guard, "As a token of our appreciation, and for all your services, Robbie wanted each of you to wear this going away present proudly tonight."

He walked around the dressing room handing small jewelry boxes, including the last one that he handed to with a cunning smile crossing his . We all waited for Mr. Fred's instructions before anybody opened our gift, "You may now open your box." Inside was a gold necklace with some type of gold symbol on the chain. I glanced over the closest to and noticed that hers was different than mine. As each harem snapped the necklace around their necks I could see that every one of the pendants were different. It looked like something Arabic, which I thought was quite appropriate with the festivities ahead of us.

One of the other girls noticed the same thing that I did and asked what each symbol meant which Mr. Fred quickly explained, "The symbol is your name in Arabic. Our special guests tonight will appreciate the added touch to make them feel right at home." I was expecting the typical added insult or dominant statement from Mr. Fred, but this time he treated me and the other harem girls with a touch of respect.

As we were leaving the dressing room Mary, dressed in a flowing white robe that covered every inch of her skin except for a small area of her slightly exposed above her vail, "I need the strongest to give a hand with moving the last of the liquor bottles from the storage room to the bar." Her statement stopped me in my tracks when I saw her give me a sly wink. All of the other weaker girls walked past without giving it a second thought, which worked out great for us. Mr. Fred was busy on the phone in the office, which gave us the perfect timing and slipped away without anybody noticing.

When we stepped into the back room I swung the door closed and wrapped my arms around Mary's tight waist. We kissed passionately, as this had been the first time we really had any time alone since Halloween. It got and heavy quickly as she was nibbling my ear and rubbing my crotch, "I wish we had time for that, but I do know something you could do for me that would get my night off to the best start possible." Mary stepped back to a shelf and placed her foot up nearly waist before pulling open her robe to expose her shaved pussy framed by a red latex garter belt and tan stockings. She pulled a pair of matching red panties of the robe pocket, "I'll put these on after you get off. Now get on over her slave and lick your Goddesses' pussy."

Whenever Mary got a bit forceful with it always chilled to the bone. This time it was also laced with the lust that was building in me as I dropped to my knees and placed my hands on the inside of her thighs to spread her to my lapping tongue. I looked up at her with my buried between her labia and she just nodded before her head fell back and I could tell she had been waiting for this as much as I had fantasized about it for months. I traced lightly along the inside of her smooth thighs with the tip of my tongue and then would return to her hardening clit to lick and suck it between my puckering lips.

Several times Mary shuddered from my tongue reaching deep inside her pussy, but also by this reaction she would shake the shelf causing a bit of unwanted noise, "Don't stop now. almost ready to . . . and I didn't lock the door." This would not go over well if we were discovered, so I went her like an oral Olympian. About a minute later and her hands locked onto the back of my head and pulled in so tight I could barely breathe. She was grunting and moaning softly as I felt her slightly squirting on my tongue, which was still deep inside her juicy pussy. Mary was humping and grinding her pussy in my as I managed to slip up to her clit and suck harder until a second orgasm rippled thorough her sexy body once again. Her hands came off of my head and I finally opened my eyes to up and see her stretching to the as she was coming off of her orgasmic .

After cleaning her oozing pussy the best I could with my tongue I back up to my feet while she pulled on the panties and dropped her robe down, Pulling her dark veil across her and attaching it to the opposite side, and Mary was once again just a lowly female servant with no identity and no rights. Mary kissed on the cheek and thanked for the 'stress breaker', "Wait about a minute after I leave, and bring that case of booze to the bar. Let's try to get another break together similar to this sometime during the night, but probably not until after midnight once everybody is drunk. I know that little encounter will hold me over until ready for more." She reached the door and then turned around with a smile and added, "And when YOU are finally ready for ." I chuckled the thought that yeah, when I was ready. I planned to have my way with her the first chance I got.
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Entering the lobby of the Hotel Cecil I looked around and took in the early 20th century architecture, but after all of this time it was showing its age, a shadow of what it once was back in Los Angeles in the 1920's. Waiting for across the room was a sleazy manager behind the front desk. This was where I was directed, so I went along with the instructions. Now how was I going to try to hide my made up feminine with this older slobbish man, "Yeah, you want to check in? What's it going to be by the hour or ?" What was I suppose to answer? He just stared at and I finally pulled the cap off of my head and tugged off my big sun glasses, "Just for one night. a guest of Mr. Paul." He looked up and down and it made feel like a , "Sure you don't need the room for few more days than that? We've got low weekly ." I batted my long lashes and played his game, "I saw that on the side of the building. No, just here for the January first celebration."

He looked down at a ledger on the desk and pulled an envelope from the back of it. Writing something down on the top page before handing me the envelope, but holding back the key for a moment, "It's a fifty dollar deposit. I'll keep your active just in case you want to stay over past the first." We've got you booked in our most expensive room. It's our Presidential Suite located on the th floor. I attempted to stifle a grin as I was thinking 'how much could the most expensive room be with that sign on the east side of the building. Low daily - weekly , and now it's also hourly'.

I was pleasantly surprised when I open the door to the suite as it was much more spacious than I had anticipated. The bedroom was set off slightly from the sitting area by a Chinese blind, and was actually quite livable for the hotel once I looked on of the windows and remembered I was in one of the rundown areas of downtown. I could down on the parking structure where my car was parked and also where the extra car key was hidden. Just seeing both from my room gave an added feeling of security if things went bad when I would make my permanent break the end of the night.

I was thankful that my pink French Maid uniform was nowhere to be found. There was nothing to change into, which was fine with since the clientele of this fine establishment was less than to be desired. Looking in the mirror in the bathroom I wondered how many women had been fucked in this room, and then of course I had a bit of a transference with me wondering how it would be the person using this hotel as her home base. Low weekly suddenly sounded like a good deal. I got lost in the fantasy for a few minutes which had getting a bit horny when the phone by the bed began ringing. It was Mr. Paul, "Gentlemen's Club, two blocks south of the hotel, it's located on the same side of the street as the Cecil. You'll need to quickly change into tonight's uniform back stage with the rest of the girls when you arrive. You have minutes to get here." Before I could say anything the phone connection was broken leaving standing there with the phone buzzing.

As quickly as I could possibly move I grabbed the room key and exited the suite while pulling on my trusty ball cap disguise to help obscure my cover . When I reached the elevators and pushed the down button nothing happened. I pressed it several times expecting the button to light up, but still nothing. I leaned in close to listen for the elevator, but again still nothing. I spotted a courtesy phone on a small table at the end of the hall and rushed over to it. When the hotel operator finally answered she explained, " sorry, but the elevators are of right now for our yearly inspection."

Rushing to the door leading to the stairs, my mind was already running the numbers, ' floors, twenty seconds floor, and I already wasted more than two minutes on the elevator and still had two congested downtown blocks to still arrive ahead of the deadline. I almost immediately nearly took a tumble, so I had to slow down the pace of my decent. Fighting through the late afternoon pedestrians on the sidewalk was a battle, and of course when I finally saw it the Gentleman's Club was located at the far end of the second block.

Finally rushing through the front door I was immediately met by Mr. Paul, who didn't looked pleased with my late arrival, "What's your excuse Kate?" I quickly explained, "The elevators at the hotel were being inspected." He wouldn't even look at me as he stared at his watch, "That's still no excuse. You were thirty two seconds late. Another thirty seconds and Fred would have done something drastic." I realized he was serious by the expression on his , "We'll check your story . If you are telling the truth your safely on your way toward finishing your last night as our little Katie, but if you lied . . . " Mr. Paul trailed off his speech and pointed toward the doors leading from the tiny entry.

When I entered the main room of the strip club I was overwhelmed by the decorations for this party as the entire room looked like a scene of the 'Arabian Nights'. Mr. Paul walked up to my side and quietly told , " hoping, whatever final decision you make, if you decide to permanently step away that you wont mind calling from time to time?" I felt a smile cross my as I replied, "Nothing's been decided on my part, it will also depend on what everybody else wants." Mr. Paul patted my lightly on the ass and told to get dressed, "You're no bimbo Kate, and smarter than most. Those brainless women always believe they are in complete control of the situation right up until they land on the auction block, and always thinking 'how did I wind up here?' My mind was made up now more than ever as I said my breath, "And I will end this once and for all tonight."
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I was ready break away from all of this and the phone calls with Mary over the month made my decision even more comfortable. She only wanted Kate acting like a girl and would only allow Kate the honor of talking with her in my girly voice. It was really weird doing it every time. Then each time I would fall back into more of my guy voice Mary would scold me, "Come, come Kate. That's not how you've been taught to speak to me. Now try again." It seemed like a wasted effort on me as every conversation was being interrupted whenever things got a bit steamy. Until one night Mary called after I was getting very high and had purposefully been performing in front of the dining room window, which something I had avoided for most of December.

The ringing nearly knocked off of my high heels, but when I answered the phone and heard Mary's voice it felt like a trance fell over Kate and my true girly voice came out of me naturally. After 20 minutes of us chatting about anything and everything Mary complimented me and suggested we meet for lunch at Ernie's, before we were due at the party, "I'm sure you got comfortable with your new little toy, but now it's time for me to take it back for awhile, so you'll want it even more the next time. Isn't that right my little butt plug ?" I didn't need to answer because she knew I was nodding in agreement.

As we met in a dark corner booth at Ernie's even when she tried to 'dress down' in a pair of jeans and plaid men's shirt, her sexuality was always smoldering just below the surface. Following a strong embrace and lingering kiss we settled into both sides of the booth facing each other, "Well, let's get the business over with first." As I reached into my jacket pocket I pulled out a black pouch and placed it on the table just as the waitress arrived. As we ordered the butt plug in the center of the table sat there like a neon sign in my eyes, and to add to her enjoyment I then felt Mary's stocking foot playing with my crotch. The waitress finally walked away with the menus and Mary didn't miss a beat by grabbing the bag, "Now what could this be?" She began playing with it and sensually stroking it's thickness, "Only an ass slut would love this...and you do love it don't you Katie?" I tried to shush her and she giggled and laughed as she placed the black pouch into her purse.

She was so playful, but the next thing she said took my mind off of the close call with our waitress, "I may have found a permanent way out...for me. It's a bit of a sleazy move, but..." Before she could finish I broke in and gave her my reassurance that whatever it was would be acceptable to me, "I know how this lifestyle can trap you if you're not careful, and you already told me you need to get out now." Mary reached across the table for my hands and tenderly added, "Well, fortunately you're not in so deep, which means you can step away at any point without anything drastic happening to you or your life." She may have believed it, but I was more and more concerned that Kate had a much tougher route to extradite herself and me along with her.

Our lunch together was up all too soon as we exited the restaurant, with her leaving through the rear entrance to a small secluded parking area, at the same time that I walked out the front entrance to the main parking lot facing Cahuenga Blvd. Just gazing up at the right moment made me realize it was a good thing we went our separate ways, because I spotted somebody across the street in front of the church taking photographs of me with a telephoto lens. I suspected it was my' peeping tom' from home and just departed without giving him a second look so that he didn't know that I had spotted him.

It wasn't until I got home and was putting the final touches on my eye lashes when I realized the whole time I was with Mary at Ernie's that I was talking in my girly voice. The waitress hadn't even given it a second look, and that was while I was dressed as a guy. Now here I was dressed and made up for my final fling with the syndicate as Katherine. I barely made it thorough my condo's lobby before being spotted by several of my neighbors sitting by the pool. Fortunately, I had learned a baseball cap, sunglasses and mostly with my head down and you can rush by almost anybody even if your face is fully made up as a woman.

My driving instructions were back to the elaborate run around through downtown Los Angeles, similar to an auction night, until I got verbal directions from a parking attendant at the next check point to reach the final destination for the night. Finally on Los Angeles Street I spotted a man waving a yellow flag in a bright red shirt, which matched the photo that arrived in the Fed Ex package. Once I showed my drivers license I drove up the one level and was directed into a parking spot on the roof and got out with my change of clothes bag and makeup. At the guard shack I was directed to the hotel across the alley and was told to check in at the front des

As I crossed over the stairs I was looking for a hiding place for my car key since I had decided give myself an extra backup escape plan if things went wrong tonight. There was already a change of clothes in the back of my car, and when I spotted a large dumpster on the corner of the roof I placed the magnetic container holding my key and a hundred dollar bill on the back of it and slid the dumpster tight against the wall. Now my attention turned to the old hotel I was faced with and read the sign painted on the side of the tall white building, 'HOTEL CECIL LOW DAILY-WEEKLY-RATES'.
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As I stared at the butt plug I noticed there was a note and a pair of pink panties in the drawer next the strap-on penis I figured it was something left for me so I opened it and the message read, 'You probably ruined your other pair of panties. Put these on after stuffing your tushy with the butt plug - Love, Mary'. I leaned against the table just keep my balance as I pulled the pink panties down over my garter belt and stockings. She was right, they were a mess as I dropped them to the floor with an audible splat. There was also a roll of paper towels in the toy drawer, which I used to clean myself of the lube that had smeared around my well fucked asshole during the evening.

I ran to the mirror to see if I had ruined my gift from Mr. Paul, but fortunately as I preened in front of the mirror every turn I made didn't reveal any lube stains. I felt proud that I had enough intestinal fortitude to hold back most of the lube from ruining everything. As I turned and looked at my ass I suddenly had a brilliant idea. I quietly moved over to the door and locked it from the inside and then returned to the mirror, positioning a desk chair in front of it, and taking my place for the show I was about to put on for myself.

Pulling up my skirt and throwing a leg over the arm of the chair opened my pussy completely to my own leering eyes. Just seeing how horny I looked with the butt plug poised to be pushed inside and I fell into the fantasy of a porn star as I tried to look as sexy as possible as the silver butt plug spread me wide before snapping shut around the thin handle. I nearly lost it right away, as I trembled while turning the plug inside my submissive hole. When I closed my eyes it only made things better as I was toying with my hole by spreading it to the widest point of the plug before slamming it deep inside...and then starting over again and again and again.

By the time I reopened my eyes I had progressed into Hustler poses as I had become the porn star in my own mind. This made me think about the video that was sent to me, and I had a powerful female orgasm rip through my belly and out the top of my head. I was whimpering and jamming that butt plug as deep as it could reach as it triggered another orgasm as my own cock was now nearly fully erect. When I finally moved up really close to the mirror, so that I could easily watch the plug filling my sissy hole, this put me over the edge as my cock began leaking cum. I quickly wrapped my right hand around the shaft and began jerking hard, knowing I was already close to cumming. After only seconds I began shooting geysers of cum, which landed on the mirror and across the floor.

As I slowly came back from my orgasmic high there was a knock on the door, "Your break is over in minutes." I rose up onto my high heels and quickly used the paper towels to clean up the cum off of the floor, and then when I got to the mirror I had a naughty thought and leaned in close to the mirror and licked it all off before drying off the places I just licked. I wanted to gently pull out the plug, but didn't know if I had enough time, so instead I just pulled on the new pink panties and unlocked the door before the muscle guard unlocked the padlock on the outside of the door.

I walked out of there like nothing had happened, but I noticed that during the half hour inside the office most of the party guests had already departed with more staff than guests remaining behind. When I reached the upstairs office I was ready to thank Robert for the much needed break, but he had been replaced by Mr. Fred, "Did you have a good time goofing off?" Did he know something or was it just me reading something into an innocent question, "The 'boss' told me, after watching you carefully the entire night, that he already gave you a passing grade and you had met your first obligation. You may have squared it with him, but the way I see it you still have five hours of work ahead of you. Maybe then you will get my check of approval for Halloween." The Dom took a few steps away from the window to finish his speech, "Change back into your other uniform and get started. Miss Peggy will be back soon to give you instructions to help you complete your tasks."

Ten minutes later I had returned from the pink sissy maid to the dreary house maid uniform. Looking at my image in the mirror it truly was a come down from being a hot woman to a custodial worker. Peggy took up where she had left off in the afternoon as most of the other employees were sent away early. Mary briefly stopped past me on the way out and asked, "Do you have the butt plug? Where is it?" Before I could answer she pushed a finger to my lips and smiled, "Oh, now I know where it is. I'll need to get that back from you soon." I couldn't say much as Peggy was approaching and Mary rushed out the front door.

After removing all of the decorations, and picking up the scattered trash and empty glasses, the sun was finally rising on a new day. Tossing the last of the garbage in the dumpster I could finally see the end of a long twenty four hours as the syndicate's slave. All that was left was cleaning up the bar and boxing up the excess liquor. As I was placing the last of the bottles in boxes on a hand cart Peggy got a phone call and walked out the front door to answer it, "It's 7:30 now. You still have a half hour, and I expect everything to be done when I return. I would hate to see you lose the credit for your entire day in the final few minutes." She stepped outside as I began my final cleanup and with the clock ticking it appeared I was home free.

One of the muscle guards walked back in to move the booze somewhere safe when he thought twice about it, "Why am I doing this? You're the slave labor for the day. Take this back to the storage area behind the office. He tossed me a key before adding, "It's a really narrow space, so you'll need to carry in each box one at a time. Lock it up once you're done, I'm going out back for a smoke." As I lugged the hand cart to the back of the warehouse I followed the guard until he pointed me in the direction of a door that I had only thought was a small closet. When I unlocked the door it was exactly as he had described. It wasn't more than five feet wide, but did stretch to the outside wall on the far end.

As I was placing the last case of liquor inside the storage space I noticed a stool with a plate of food and a couple wine glasses at the opposite end. Thinking that this may have been some kind of set up to fail me for the evening I smiled to myself that I wasn't going to be tripped up on something as small as a plate and a couple glasses. When I reached the end of the space I noticed something strange out of the corner of my eye. There were several cinder blocks removed from the wall, and when I looked inside the opening I saw the view of the downstairs office from the other side of a one way mirror. And the chair I had been sitting in earlier was still placed dead center. Hell, even my buddy fuck with Mary would have taken place directly in view of... I looked around and quickly saw a tripod folded up and leaning against one of the shelves.

Had they been watching me again? And if so, when and for how long? I thought about my encounter earlier with Mary and wanted to scream out loud. How could I have been so foolish? My only goal now was to get out of there as quick as possible and wonder if New would finally be my chance break free. I backed out of the room and closed the door before anybody else noticed. I now knew what may have happened, but answers were going be tough to come by.

"I see you made it through your first night." It was Mr. Paul and he seemed concerned, "If you put out a similar effort for new I can't see any reason why everybody doesn't come out for the better in the end." He then handed me a couple of hundreds, "You'll need that for cab fare." I was shocked, "I can't go home in a public cab dressed like this? Where are my clothes?" Without hesitation he informed me that Mr. Fred had burned them, "You'll have go home dressed as a maid." Which I did unwillingly as the cabbie kept staring at me me in the rear view mirror, "Wild night, huh?". It was so embarrassing be looked at this way, but it reminded of all the things that may have been recorded for others stare at lustfully in bookstore video booths or even on the internet. And just how many times I might get that same look in the future from somebody that is trying to place where they had seen me before, and the whole time with me praying they can't make the connection.
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There on the other side of the door was my ever present muscle guard. This was somebody new and he filled the role completely as he looked like somebody that had just finished several tours as a Marine. He was dressed in a tux, but his big barrel chest didn't hide the firearm he had in a shoulder holster, "You're needed at the front door. I hope you are ready for this." He turned to Mary and added, "It's the 'boss'. I took one last look in the mirror before slipping on my pink lace mask and rushing of the room with Mary right behind.

I was trying to move as quick as possible after just losing my anal cherry to a massive thick cock. Mary notice the difficulties I was having and slowed my pace down so I wouldn't stumble, "Catch up with your lover later. I've got a butt plug that might be perfect for your gaping pussy. I can imagine how empty you must feel right now. Want that big throbbing cock back in you again?" My head was spinning, but it was like she was reading my mind, "I do want to do it again." Mary began striding proudly next to her sissy as we were passing the bar area, "I'll need to hang on to this outfit as a part of my wardrobe. I like how you react to it." She gave her Katie a peck on the cheek as the guard watched us and just shook his head, "Good luck tonight. You have a lot riding on this, but I do like the way it has started."
She gave Kate one last inspection and straightened my feminine name tag as she confided one last thing before taking her position behind the bar, "Don't worry about the 'boss'. You probably won't even interact with him. Plus, he's a sweetie. I met him a couple years ago."

Rushing to join a line of employees at the front door, I settled in seconds before the metal garage door shook to life and raised the noisy metal open enough for a small of well tailored men to enter the warehouse. It was obvious who the leader was just by the way he moved with confidence, and the others appeared to either be protecting him or close associates. He was much than I had expected. This man appeared to be in his early thirties, and quite possibly in his days, was an avid body builder. The last two people to enter before the gate closed was Mr. Fred and a woman that appeared to be a legal secretary, or was it just her costume? As the of men talked amongst themselves I focused on the woman. Her business suit and slacks were very professional looking, and when she placed her leather brief case on a table to remove papers and gave them to the 'boss' it proved to she wasn't acting the part of a secretary.

The eventually came over to the line of employees, and not wanting to be noticed I dropped my head so that I wouldn't any of them in the eye. As they moved down the receiving line I could hear Mr. Fred introducing each employee and what their role would be that evening. My heart was pounding in my chest as I saw the men's shoes stop in front of a horny slave, "This is Katherine. She is assigned to food preparation and tonight." I finally looked up the 'boss' and was struck by his chiseled features, dark hair, and even darker eyes. When he finally spoke I was struck by his strong Australian accent, "Katherine, yes Katherine. Or do you prefer to be known as Kate or maybe is it Katie?" I pointed at my name tag, but added, "Whatever you feel is most appropriate, Sir." He smiled and turned to Mr. Fred, "Oh, I like this one. She's got the right attitude."

The legal secretary searched through her pile of folders before handing one with a red tag to the 'boss', "Oh, you're that Kate. Please take off that mask." I pulled it off so he could see my full made up image. He removed another couple black and white photo enlargements and scanned back and forth between the pictures he was holding and the sissy that was fully exposed before him, "Have you ever visited the land down ?" I answered truthfully, " Western Australia." He flipped through several photos and then read a page of information on the back , "I work of New South Wales. Sydney. My home is in the Northern Territory. Do you know where Darwin is located?" I just shook my head 'no' as he closed the folder, "You'll need to come visit someday as my guest. Just tell Fred or Paul when you are ready, and we will arrange everything." I politely thanked him for the invitation and told him I would consider it. He turned to Mr. Fred and said, "See, she's not so after all . Maybe a little slutty and submissive, but with an introduction to full feminization she could have been a prized kinky collared bimbo. Too bad for us that Kate is not a spring chicken anymore."

When the men finally reached the end of the line I heard the 'boss' ask Mr. Fred, "Who did you choose to provide my private this evening?" Mr. Fred waved a curvaceous red head dressed in a harem costume forward as she was closely inspected, "Very nice, but what about her?" I looked up and the Australian was pointing at me. He turned over a sheet of paper and looked it over before agreeing with his own decision, "Yes, she will do nicely." Mr. Fred gave me a stern look before they moved through the room full of decorations toward the rear of the warehouse. As everybody went back to work I watched them walk up a flight of stairs to an office with a large picture window overlooking the entire warehouse.

Within two hours there was a sizable crowd of revelers, but it wasn't as big as the previous year. The costumes were just as elaborate, so I felt comfortable in my sissy pink French maids uniform. I was on my feet for hours, and barely had time to get a moment with Mary. She was enjoying herself all night as she kept reminding me of how our evening started every time I visited the bar, "If you ever get a break your butt plug is waiting for you in the same drawer I placed my strap-on cock."

Part of my responsibilities for the night was to visit the upstairs office to get drinks and food requests every half hour. The first couple hours it was nothing out of the ordinary, as I was barely given a second glance as the men were involved in an intense meeting. Once while I was cleaning up a mess on a table, I noticed some official looking papers in the open brief case. Hopefully not drawing any attention to me, I casually moved closer to see what they might be. It was a set of contracts and also some art work for something called 'BLACK LABEL' productions.

It was just before two a.m., and the party was barely thinning , I climbed the stairs to the office, clicking on every metal step in my heels, but found it empty this time except for the 'boss' sitting on the edge of the office desk smoking a cigar, "Is there anything I can get you Sir?" He motioned towards a chair next to the desk, "Just a moment of your time." This was different all together, as I suddenly felt very feminine and vulnerable. I could hear the rubbing of my stockings as I slid into the chair beneath him, and it made the inside tremble, "Before I start, my name is Robert, and how long have you been Kate? I mean, when was the first time you dressed like that?" I knew the answer, and my response was quite appropriate, "Halloween, when I was five. We were poor and my mom suggested I go trick or treating dressed as a wearing one of my sisters dresses. I guess you could say that the genie was ' of the bottle'. I didn't want to take off the dress the end of the night and it wasn't until my mom and dad finally agreed I could go to sleep in it that I went to bed. I don't remember it happening, but my sister told me I was crying and depressed when I was forced to take it off in the morning."

I was met with silence, which made me shrink inside, until I finally looked up and saw Robert smiling, "From what I read about you I was expecting just a couple years...maybe three years, but not your entire life. Must be hard to juggle both lives." I dropped my head and nodded, "Well, you passed you're test with me tonight. Keep doing the good work for us through New Years, and I promise everything will all be forgiven, and then you'll have the choice to put all of this behind you. Take the next half hour off in the downstairs office." He motioned to a guard I hadn't noticed standing outside the office door, "Just lock yourself away until you're suppose to be back here. I'll inform Fred you're doing something for me."

As the guard entered the office Robert tossed him a set of keys, "Lock her up for half an hour." I thought it was a bit drastic, but when I found the tranquility of the office, when I heard the lock shut behind , I sunk down into the chair and looked the image of an exhausted sissy in the mirror. I closed my eyes for a few minutes before opening one of the bottled waters. When I moved back to the makeup table to check my , I remembered what Mary had told me and I couldn't stop myself from opening the drawer and pulling a fat silver butt plug.
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Posted:Feb 12, 2021 8:39 pm
Last Updated:Feb 13, 2021 11:12 am

I was already so jittery about the whole night ahead of Katherine that I wasn't sure who would be behind that door. As it slowly swung open I heard myself gasp as a women dressed in a black latex catsuit, and standing in extremely tall platform heels, had nothing hidden from view with her costume stretched tight against her curvy figure. From just above her ankles up the top of the latex hood she was a mystery in latex. The hood had an open mouth area, something similar to a Batman cowl, so her identity was completely concealed except for the blonde pony tail sticking out of an opening in the back of the hood. On her hip was a pair of black handcuffs attached the wide belt that was pulled tight around her tiny waist at the top of a flared pleated latex skirt.

As she moved closer to me I didn't want to act too obvious, but what she was wearing accented her sexy figure, which left nothing to the imagination and I wanted her. When she finally reached me this mystery woman reached down on the outside of my gaff and began slowly rubbing, "This will be the night I get to Katie." was Mary. I didn't even know she had returned from back east, and I was totally surprised. As she continued rubbing and looking deep into my eyes she asked, "Did you miss me?" I moved in to kiss her but she pushed me back, but never beyond her reach to continue holding my growing erection, "I didn't hear an answer my sissy slave." Damn, she had me quivering with lust and I was finding it hard to say anything, "Yes, I missed you." She pointed at my gaff and signaled me to drop it down my thighs to step out of it, which I quickly did exposing my excitement.

Mary smiled widely as she reached down and loosened the belt around her waist enough so that she could drop her skirt around her high heels. As I slowly scanned down over her stunning figure I was suddenly transfixed on the realistic black penis strap-on she was wearing, "I've been missing my little sissy girl too, can't you see how hard you make cock?" She was stroking the dildo and swaying her hips as I was swept away by her seduction, "You promised I could Katie. Well, this may be the first time, but won't be the last if I have my way. I know you are going love this as much as I do." Mary moved over the makeup table and opened a jar of something. When she turned back me she had a handful of the white cream and was smearing it along the length of the dildo. She then bent down and retrieved her handcuffs before tossing them to me, "Attach yourself to that pipe." I hadn't even noticed it before, but was a pipe leading from an old space heater in the corner of the room, but before I moved in that direction I was suddenly unsure, "Are you sure this is what you want right now?" Mary walked back the door and turned the lock and secured with a loud >CLICK<.

"It's not even five, so we have just enough time." She continued rubbing the head of her black penis in the most erotic way before she snapped her fingers and demanded I follow her instructions completel, "For us reach euphoria." emphasize her intentions she added one last , which sent me scampering the corner and attaching my wrists together after moving my hands between the metal pipe and the brick wall. Mary followed me closely as she pointed out the perfectly positioned mirror. As I turned and looked over my right shoulder I was presented with my sissy self cuffed and dressed for a good fucking, and Mary intended to do exactly that to me.

I watched her silently move up behind me and began lubing my slutty hole with one of her slick fingers, "Don't worry sweetie, I'm not a sadist. We don't want to hurt you, since it's your first time. I want YOU to enjoy this. I need you to want this. Will you give yourself to me completely?" I nodded, but my response once again was not well received, "She switched to two fingers and was widening me with circular motions, "Show me that slutty that seeks forbidden submissive feminization." Looking at myself in the mirror, wearing a matching pink bra and garter belt, stockings and lacy pink maids collar, being finger fucked by a latex Domme appeared I was already well on my way to that goal.

Mary tossed a chair cushion onto the floor below me, "Drop Katie, it's finally your moment to become a real girl. I'm just so glad that I am going to be your first. You will always love me for doing this to you...and doing it nicely, not just rutting out your asshole." We both moved to the floor with her quickly rimming my smooth sissy hole with the thick head of her strap-on, "You wouldn't believe how much this makes my pussy so wet." It was the last thing she said before she plunged the mushroom head into my stretched hole. Mary did exactly as she promised as she slowly allowed me to accept her cock an inch at a time until she had over half of it inside me. Pausing her downward assault, she leaned over and began kissing my back, "Horny for me to dominate you as my cock ?" I was ready for control and service to her, "Yes, Mary!" She grabbed my hips and slammed another couple inches of veiny cock deeper as the head felt it was in my belly. As she slowly started rocking in and out of my hole Mary leaned over and rubbed her tits against my back, "I hope someday you'll be desperate for public fucking with me, just as long as our identities are concealed."

She left me hanging on this thought as her hips were thrusting the cock in deeper than any dildo I had ever taken on my own. Mary's reactions proved that this was more than a fantasy for her, it was a fetish, and I was the toy that she could indulge her lusty desires upon. As she started to slowly long dick my pussy I could see no wrong with this arrangement as she was triggering new feminine desires deep within me until suddenly my belly quivered and I shook uncontrollably, moaning like a true slut under my breath, "Well, look at you. You are already cumming from throbbing cock, my thick cock...admit it." She quickened her pace and reached underneath my body and grabbed my leaking clit, "Your first female orgasm proves you really are a slutty ...and I love it."

Moving her hands to the middle of my lower back, Mary really lean into her thrusting to go even deeper. She took over everything for the next ten minutes as she constantly ordered Katherine, "Don't stop watching bimbo Katie in the mirror being deflowered by big hard cock." After a series of female orgasms Mary asked another question between her panting, "Is Katie already loving the feeling of being filled more than she could have ever imagined? I just wish I could cum inside you right now so that Katie could know how it feels to be bred with sticky cum shooting deep inside her pussy," I could sense she was also about have an orgasm as she tried get her point across, "But I know you already love my hard on." Before she could say another word, she shook and slammed balls deep into my spread hole with the root of her cock being gripped by my asshole. We eventually slumped down to the floor as she wrapped her arms around my waist and hugged me tight, "Not bad for a first time anal virgin. Don't you agree?" This comment made me chuckle as we laid connected by a piece of thick plastic.

Looking at the clock in the room, Mary softly told me, "Sorry little girl, but we've got a few minutes get ready. Next time we'll need break in that pretty little mouth with my hard black cock." She shifted around behind me and in one long tug pulled her ten inch cock out of my flowering asshole. As she stood up and looked down at Kate she took in the scene, "If I were a photographer, this would be a pose any Master would approve." Mary quickly crossed the room and removed her strap-on, placing it in a drawer inside the left side of the make up table. She then returned and uncuffed her submissive, which enabled me to jump up and quickly my makeup one last time before pulling on my gaff and having my maids uniform drop down over me. Through all of the other excitement, this also caused another ripple of excitement cascade through my body and nearly bringing on another orgasm. Mary came over and kissed me hard on the lips, "Admit it. You love having me you with my big hard cock." I was already repeating it word for word even before she was finished. She smiled, turned back the mirror and touched up her lip stick and then handed the silver tube, "You like you need a bit more of this for your lips. You've been drooling." We both laughed at her observation and made our final preparations with minutes before the deadline. Mary unlocked the door and was giving Katherine one last , making sure I was presentable the world when the door suddenly swung open.
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Once I was introduced a couple of the janitorial staff I was told to follow the person in charges every instruction for of the necessary preparations for tonight's costume party. When I turned around I was faced with what most men would call an 'amazon woman'. She was both statuesque and imposing as she stood several inches taller than me, which gave her the perfect angle to look down upon me while in her service. Her dark hair and penetrating dark eyes gave her a look of a confident and dominant woman, "It's eight a.m. and you'll work until four. There is only a half hour break for lunch. You have a lot of work ahead of you so don't make me angry!"

I melted submissively as she approached me and pinned a name tag on my hotel maids uniform. When I looked down I was expecting to see Kate printed on the pink heart shaped badge I was shocked to see it was actually printed with DAVE in gold block capital letters. Looking up at her I was already feeling the humiliation bubbling up inside of me, "Dave is such a cute name for a fucking sissy faggot, don't you agree?" When I waited a bit too long to answer she slapped me hard across the face and demanded an answer, "I'm not a faggot." She slowly circled me one time before striking her first blow at my remaining masculinity, "What are you wearing? Why are you here? Maybe rather than working like cheap labor today you would prefer us to set up the glory hole box for all of the employees entertainment." She stepped right into my face and with the heat of her breath accentuating her final comment, "So what's it going to be? An eight hour shift on your knees or eight hours of working like an illegal alien?" This time I didn't pause, "I'll just be the maid."

She walked over to a mop and a bucket full of suds, "You're choice, but it wasn't the response I was expecting." She paused to give me time to answer, hoping to hear that I had changed my mind, "Okay, you're on cleanup detail first." And so for the next eight hours I moped the floors, cleaned up everything, put up a roomful of Halloween decorations, set up the bar and stocked it with all of the finest liquors and champagne, and helped with the storage and preparation of the catered food as it was delivered. My task mistress had me doing everything a set up crew of 4-5 would normally be assigned to finish and as I was nearly exhausted, and my uniform was a mess, when finally at 3:45 Mr. Paul showed up to check on me, "It looks like Peggy really put you through a lot today. I just hope you can pull off your transformation, because you will be closely watched all night." I could see him melt just a little bit, if only for a second as he added, "Our boss is here tonight, so don't draw attention to yourself." He then leaned in close and whispered in my ear, "Good choice not going into the glory hole box this morning. You would have been locked in there all night, and if you turned down one coc..just one...well, let's just say do you remember the bar tender that was sold at the night of your first slave auction? That would have been your destiny. There is always an out if you make the right choices."

He then walked over the bar and poured himself a shot of whiskey, tossed it down in one gulp, and then turned back to , "You passed your first test tonight. I'll give you a break and say you're done for the day as Dave. Do you agree?" I nodded in agreement, "Good, maybe you are finally turning into a good girl. Now go get showered and changed. I want you ready and waiting for Fred and the others that are scheduled to arrive early. No later than 5:30. Do you understand my pink little cotton candy brain bimbo?" I should have been humiliated by this Alpha 's comment but it only made me want please him more, and also just find a way of getting through the night any way possible. He turned pour another shot before saying, "Well, what are you waiting for? And you better do as good of a job on your makeup as I've seen in the photos from your condo." He finally turned to look back at me, "The camera sure does bring out the slut in you Katie. Now go get ready, you have an even bigger night ahead of you."

When I returned to the office and began changing into Kate for the evening I found that my pink sissy maid uniform was waiting for me hanging in the closet, but what worried me more was the fact that all of my male clothes were missing. I just shook it off and settle my worries by realizing that I wasn't planning to be dressed in them for at least another hours, so I would worry about it tomorrow morning. After a long hot shower I was revitalized and took on the task of transforming my face into more of a show girl look after dressing in my lingerie and stockings. Preening in front of the floor length wall mirror I turned from side to side to check my feminine look, looking over my shoulder at my firm ass framed by a black waist cincher, lace garter belt and black lace top stockings. Quite frankly, I was hot since my diet and exercise regimen had produced a drop of 40 pounds over the past 9 months and had already whittled 3 inches off of my waist. Just as I was finishing the final touches my makeup with even more mascara I heard a key turning in the lock.
25 Oct 2014
Posted:Feb 6, 2021 3:39 pm
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2021 12:11 am

The correspondence I received over the next four months was one Fed Ex envelope with these orders - 'practice your makeup techniques everyday, Kate does not deserve the expert services provided by Roberta for all of our more deserving employees'. It was signed by Fred with one last comment, 'Never fully close the blinds in your dining room. We will be watching your progress'. I immediately turned and looked across the living room and the window he had described. Realizing that several homes up in the hills, including a wide expanse of undeveloped hillside all the way up to one of the tourists overlooks off of Mulholland, would have a clear view deep into my condo.

After a couple weeks of wondering if I was being constantly watched I began to feel like a bird in a cage. I would come home from work and strip down to my lingerie, take a half hour to work on my makeup, and then parade in front of that open window so that I proved to whomever was watching I was following orders. By the time that the end of October came around I had discovered a new self confidence showing myself off and that Kate's makeup would protect my normal public identity as a .

There was no limo ride for Kate this year, as I had been demoted back to the 'blindfold and van ride' to this party's location. Also, there was no fancy - mansion as this setting was similar to the first auction I ever attended. Located somewhere in the valley in a large one floor building in a warehouse district was where Kate would serve for the next 24 hours to fulfill one half of her obligation, and also avoid any further complications before new years. I had gone over the pros and cons of everything that had already happened over the previous two and a half years and determined that I could live with every scenario that had been captured of Katherine. If somebody I knew discovered it I would just try explaining what had happened, and if they couldn't accept it, then I wouldn't need them in my life anymore.

I was escorted to an office by another of the muscle guards always around at the auctions. When we reached the back of the building I was told to change into the uniform hanging in the closet, "You've got a lot of work to do before tonight's party. Also, I was told to tell Kate that you'll do your makeup after your hour morning shift is over. I'll be back in minutes, and you better be ready!" Why did everything always sound so ominous whenever I was around any of these men.

I was expecting the pink French Maids uniform to be waiting for me, but instead I found a grey and white maids uniform. One that you would normally see in a hotel setting by a maid cleaning a room. On the table was a pair of black panty hose and a pair of mary jane's with two inch heels. As I was finishing up my transformation and taking one last in the mirror I heard the door being unlocked. I expected the guard, but it was Mr. Paul and Mr. Fred.

One was smiling to see while the other Dom was standing there with his arms crossed looking up and down, "It's good to see you can take orders. I've been pleased with the reports I've been getting from our investigator." Mr. Paul turned and looked inquisitively at Mr. Fred, "Yes, Paul I've been having him watched. You didn't know that he lied to you about his injuries after the car accident. I don't know why you have a soft spot for this faggot, but he took advantage of you." I had never seen Mr. Paul so mad as the truth was laid out before him, "This little bitch was trying to back out on us, and we both know that is never a good idea. So, I had this silly sissy observation, and once our man figured her schedule it was easy to document everything." I could feel my cheeks redden, and my head bowed down so that I wouldn't have to witness the disappointment in Mr. Paul's eyes.

I guess he had said enough as Mr. Fred changed gears and started to tell me the list of chores to prep the entire warehouse where the costume party would take place, "You're nothing but a common laborer here to do the job while you are in that uniform. If you get everything done quickly you should have more than enough time to prepare as our pink sissy maid for the evening. Oh, and no drink orders for you tonight, only food service, so don't expect to walk out of here in the morning with a pocket full of tips."

Mr. Fred then left, while Mr. Paul waited for the door to be closed, "Why did you lie to me?" I whimpered a response, "Because I was scared that I was already in too deep, and didn't see any way out except to delay in hopes something would work out." Mr. Paul step up close to me and loomed over Kate, "Whatever happens from here on out all depends on you. There is still a pathway back to being Dave if you truly want that, and tonight is your first step in making it happen. Just be sure it is really what you want to happen. You're at that proverbial fork in the road with everyone else."

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