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Welcome to Pals Blog
Posted:Jun 3, 2013 1:10 pm
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2021 4:33 pm
Welcome to my blog. The original purpose was rather serious, however it has evolved into a flight of fantasy, flirting and naughty fun.
Of course the original posting is below,and is still very much active
Just sharing please read it and come back for continuous updates. It is about Daddy's Girls! (AGE friendly) ((DG))..

Although not required, I would appreciate it if you did sign in below.

Relax and enjoy your visit

Just sharing
Posted:Nov 26, 2012 4:34 pm
Last Updated:Nov 11, 2020 3:20 pm

This is an email I sent recently. It is redacted some, to take out the names of the recipients. They know, as well as my friends know who they are. Also several minor changes were made to clarify for new readers without altering the content.

Well, I think enough time has passed, so I can write this a bit calmer. I will first start by saying how sad I am at what you two (*****) are doing to DG. Your “cleaning out” of people that don’t tow whatever weird concept you two now have of a good room. Banning folks that mentioned their concerns. And even getting rid of Superstud, as a DG room member and Moderator (as you did to me as a DG member and Moderator). without any notice or discussion with him, even when you had evidence that he did nothing wrong!!!!!!! Your callous mistreatment , and lies about ***** and banning her after so such faithful service she provided to*** shocked so many regulars, do you think that did not cast a shadow on your integrity?( remember you do not operate in a vacuum, there are many eyes out there). I still have friends in DG , they are also shocked at what DG is turning into. The few mods they see, allowing trolls to run amok. It is apparent now as I reread our last conversation in Best (yes, I did cut and paste every single word of it) that you already decided that you were going to get rid of me for whatever reason you fabricated in your mind. And you did ban me from KR the day before this last discussion in Best, I am not stupid, I knew something was up. And With the lag in the conversation, you were providing ** with the words to say and then since you did not have the nerve, you had him ban me. And don’t pretend to tell me it was a “private” conversation, as*** said it was, I know you left it posted in Best so that all the mods could read it. The shock of reading it caused several to contact me about what went on. That is another example of your dishonesty. You in particular were dishonest in our conversations on “Y”, all of our conversations always ended with us working out whatever we talked about (if you have forgotten, I can give you a copy of each of those conversations). And then you bring them up in our last conversation in Best , saying that I was being disrespectful to you (the copies of our conversations clearly show that you lied to *** on that count). And as for me being a team member, I have been a very successful team leader and member with people of integrity for well over 30 years, always sharing my views, with Leaders and subordinates ,and soliciting their input. My mistake in this case was not realizing that you two had and have no integrity and certainly have no leadership qualities and no experience dealing with people with integrity. And I have come to the conclusion that the “complaints” from the regulars in DG was a fabrication (you two are so willing to violate privacy and promises (like you did to me) , but will not give me any information). By the way, how is the unbanning of**** going for you? As you say, he was such a nice guy. Please, take off your blinders and look at current issues with regulars in DG and their comments, you will see that it is getting more and more apparent that you are messing a good thing up. I have no interest in coming back and am sure you had never considered it anyways. To end on a positive note, thank you for allowing me to be part of DG for a while and making some very good friends. Also I am glad you woke me up and got me out, before the decline of DG started, saved a lot of heart burn for me, I am sure.
I just wanted to share my thoughts.
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Private Mail box
Posted:Nov 7, 2013 6:08 pm
Last Updated:Jan 19, 2021 3:26 pm
I figured, maybe is time to have a private mail box. If you have anything to ask, comment or just say, this is the place to do it. Anything sent here is going to be kept private, unless you say you want it shared.

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👅👄 Say why?
Posted:Apr 18, 2021 7:17 am
Last Updated:Apr 18, 2021 7:22 am
I heard some news and just can not understand it. An acquaintance was caught having an affair with a woman other than his wife of 6 years. He and his wife always seemed to be a great couple. I have no details about the "girlfriend". I am a believer that when you decide to marry, you are committed to that person with amongst other things trust. There must be something with this since we hear so many instances of it happening. I am guessing with this virus thing, isn't opportunities being reduced? What is your opinion? Have you ever been involved in it as a perpetrator, victim, or "the other person?

⎝🔴⎞ ⎝🔴⎞ ⎝🔴⎞ Carry a tune?
Posted:Apr 17, 2021 8:00 am
Last Updated:Apr 18, 2021 7:23 am
As I was preparing for the day, I rendered a magnificent Opera. I really enjoy singing in the shower (please note , no recording devices allowed!). I certainly can not carry a tune in a bushel basket , but I feel I deserve acknowledgement for my efforts. Some have commented that my voice may better be compared to an amorous bull frog . My song list is extensive, and I am willing to share it with my partner in the shower, if she dares. I have read that singing in the shower is healthy , because it relaxes you. I have to agree with that. Are you a shower Diva / Singer? Have you ever received compliments if you are one? Have you been subjected to a show by your partner?

🌮😋👩‍❤‍💋‍👩 Goofing and a joke
Posted:Apr 16, 2021 6:48 am
Last Updated:Apr 17, 2021 8:10 am
I am maturing and I refuse be insulted by good natured teasing or jests about my "chronological position" in the universe. I used chuckle about some of the old age jokes when I was younger. Now I laugh my a** off, because so many are true. Besides, if you get upset by these jokes, then the "jokester" is given control. How do you handle jokes that may include you, by whatever category you can think of? I exchange the "barbs" with my friends, and other select people that I know. If ill intentioned people think that their words will bother me, they are sadly mistaken.

🥂❤️ Jokers
Posted:Apr 15, 2021 5:36 am
Last Updated:Apr 16, 2021 4:14 pm
Here is a previous post that I did. It was fun, so I thought I would resurrect it. Enough seriousness for a little while. I think more than a few of us can use a chuckle. Step out of the Big Boy and Girl world, be silly and share something you find funny, a picture, a joke, cartoon or story. But PLEASE no Knock-Knock Jokes!!!. Just kidding , I am a Big Boy , I will some how survive another Knock-Knock joke if you insist. If you don't have anything to share, not a worry, just enjoy what is about to happen

)^@ Some advice
Posted:Apr 14, 2021 7:41 am
Last Updated:Apr 15, 2021 3:31 pm

While talking with my friends, we remembered some critical tips for getting along in society . One of the guys referred me to the book of manners that I attached below. Are they helpful to you? Can you think of other tips to include?

Tips From the Redneck Book of Manners

1. Never take a beer to a job interview.

2.Always identify people in your yard before shooting at them.

3.It's considered poor taste to take a cooler to church.

4. If you have to vacuum the bed, it is time to change the sheets.

5. Even if you're certain that you are included in the will, it is still considered tacky to drive a U-Haul to the funeral home.

Dining Out

1. If drinking directly from the bottle, always hold it with your fingers covering the label.

2. Avoid throwing bones and food scraps on the floor as the restaurant may not have .


1. A center piece for the table should never be anything prepared a taxidermist.

2. Do not allow the to eat at the table no matter how good his manners are.


While ears need to be cleaned regularly, this is a job that should be done in private using one's OWN truck keys

2. Proper use of toiletries can forestall bathing for several days. However, if you live alone, deodorant is a waste of good .

3. Dirt and grease under the fingernails is a social no-no, as they tend to detract from a woman's jewellery and alter the taste of finger foods.

👀 Selections
Posted:Apr 13, 2021 6:05 am
Last Updated:Apr 14, 2021 3:36 pm
While sleeping last night, I had some very pleasant "flash back" dreams . I was remembering that I have some adventurous FWBs who were / are adventurous and enjoyed varying our playtime on or over various pieces of furniture. It is fun not to be limited to the bed. Sometimes the mood hits us at different times , so we just use what is available for support . I have to admit that it can cause challenges, but we carry on. Many times it is just for a quickie, but by following the "furniture trail" we can have a lovely time. Have you ever included furniture in your play time? If you have, do you have a favorite furniture piece? I am favoring the arm of a sofa or chair

🖥🖱🎬 Ode to cheese :)
Posted:Apr 12, 2021 4:48 am
Last Updated:Apr 13, 2021 3:50 pm
Today is a fun Day. It is a Cheesey day! It is one of my many favorite foods. It is a staple food in many areas of the world. What a great way to save the diary productions in a nutritious way. I have had some in many areas of the world and generally found them all tasty. I generally like a sharp cheese as first choice. It can be prepared and served in so many ways. My favorite is served alone, possibly with crackers or bread. One way that I will not eat it is as part of macaroni and cheese . I had it so much as a , I go before I would eat it. Do you enjoy cheese? Is there a special way that you enjoy it?

😲👀 Flash from the past
Posted:Apr 11, 2021 7:31 am
Last Updated:Apr 12, 2021 3:18 pm
I was looking through some scrap books and found some pictures that I thought I would share. They are from 1972 through the first Gulf War. Just some little snippets of my life in uniform. I decided not to share any pictures from Iraq or Afghanistan, Some are deliberately blurred to protect the identity of a few folks that are still involved in sensitive work. And I also included a fun picture of me building a garage. Have you ever taken a trip down memory lane? Do you recognize that person you saw in the pictures when you did?

👩‍❤‍💋‍👩 A touch?
Posted:Apr 10, 2021 7:42 am
Last Updated:Apr 11, 2021 5:27 pm
I was thinking about the human anatomy, and particularly the hand. Other than the obvious practical usages for our day to day life, a hand (s) are delightful method to communicate emotions. I know in anger the hand can be very explicit, but for the purposes of this blog, would like to concentrate on the amorous aspects. And by some miracle of nature there are five digits attached that further enhance ones abilities to communicate. Do you enjoy the soft touch of your partner, the expressions of wants and desires? The use of the fingers to beckon, caress or please? I am a very tactile person and love touching, even when is very fleeting, to feel the soft warm skin.

😻😲👀 Me or you?
Posted:Apr 8, 2021 6:05 am
Last Updated:Apr 10, 2021 7:48 am
There are many views regarding who should be the dominant member in a relationship . Or even if a dominant partner is desirable. Or is a “co-equal” relationship preferable? Is dominance a mental thing, or physical? How does it manifest itself in a relationship sexually? I'm interested in what you all think...(note: my choice of words below is only to provoke thought and stimulate conversation, not to denigrate either gender) . Do you feel that men, by natural selection, are supposed to play the dominant role? Or do you feel some women are meant to take the lead in a relationship ? As you can see this post is kind of vague, I would like to stimulate some conversation on this subject.


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